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Attention Parents! This could be the most important information you will ever read about how to stop your child's hair pulling...

Discover How YOU Can Help Your Child
And Save Her Years Of Pain And Suffering.

No longer a mystery, this profound information can mean the end
to your child's hair pulling once and for all.

"Abby Rohrer is an inspiring example of what is possible for you and your child. She offers a powerful message of hope and healing for both parents and teens. This book is a must-read for parents and hair pullers!"

--Barbara McRae, MCC
Author of the bestselling Coach Your Teen to Success


Dear Parent,

There's a tragic secret being kept in families, schools, churches and communities all over the world. And yet it's a secret that you probably know very well.

This secret keeps millions of children and teens hiding in shame and isolation, desperately seeking a solution but not knowing where to turn and feeling too humiliated to seek help. Your child may be one of them.

The saddest part is that these children are hiding most from the very people who love them; their parents, their brothers and sisters and even their best friends. This is the heartbreak of living life as a compulsive hair puller.

I personally held this same shameful secret for over 27 years. As a teen, I kept it from my parents, my siblings, my friends, my relatives and my teachers. In my twenties, I kept it from my boyfriends and my best friends, and in my thirties from my in-laws, my co-workers and even my own daughter. I cannot begin to express to you the agony of living a life filled with this much shame and hiding.

Abby Rohrer

Abby Leora Rohrer
Former Hair Puller, Trichotillomania Educational Consultant

Author and Developer

Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling?,
What’s Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out?
TrichotillomaniaFree Women's University.

"Isn't it time you found some hope and real help for your child? And relief from your own pain about what your child is doing to herself?"

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Here's my VERY personal story.
I know your child's struggle
because it used to be my struggle…

I began pulling my hair out for real the summer after seventh grade.

I had ended the school year with wavy dark-brown shoulder length hair but entered eighth grade terribly self-conscious because of my strange new look…mid-ear-length hair, parted way over to the side. Here is my trichotillomania picture that was in the yearbook later that year.

At the start of seventh grade I hijacked my mother's magnifying mirror and tweezers and began to pluck my eyebrows silly trying to get just "the right look." My eyebrows became thinner and thinner…verging on non-existent.

That summer I "graduated" to pulling from my scalp. One day, while sitting in my hot pink and sunshine yellow, psychedelic-flowered bedroom, I noticed a single hair hanging in my eyes. On impulse, I reached up and pulled.

Zing! I was hooked. I began to pull compulsively . . . totally unable to stop.

My older sister, Judy, caught me and ratted me out to my mother. Mom, whose focus was elsewhere, declared it was a stage I'd outgrow. She was wrong.

That was the only mention ever made about my hair pulling. From then on, I slid further into shame, hiding and a life of hair pulling.

The more I did it, the more I wanted to do it and the more I liked the feeling it gave me. And the more embarrassed and ashamed I became.

Non-pullers just can't understand how pulling doesn't cause physical pain to a hair puller. They can't understand how good it can feel. They certainly can't understand how horrible it feels to look in the mirror and see the damage you've done to yourself...or just how that raises your anxiety level and forces you to think, "I must be crazy because no sane person would ever do this!" And how that begins the vicious cycle all over again.

My hair pulling went on for nearly thirty years. During good periods I wouldn't pull for a couple of months; but suddenly the uncontrollable urge would return with a vengeance. At its worst, I would spend hours a day for months and years on end, pulling to find just the right hair with just the right texture attached to just the perfect bulb -- crunching it between my teeth to find my need only just beginning. And on to another pull. And another. And another. I was losing my life because of hair pulling!

From the day I began pulling, I dreamed of stopping.

Early on, I hoped and prayed that my parents would realize it wasn't just a stage, and help me to find a way to stop my hair pulling. In fact, I wrote a letter to them over and over again in my heart and in my mind – a letter that I never put on paper, or had the courage to share with anyone until now.

I tried so many different things to stop pulling: sitting on my hands, wearing gloves to bed, more than 14 years and many different types of therapy, behavior modification, homeopathy, chiropractic, and a bunch of natural and New Age techniques. I read self-help by the score – tried most everything but medication.

None of it worked.

I was pulling more. I was unhappier than ever before. I finally got disgusted with the endless search.

The answers weren't out there.

"I have taken her to doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and massage therapists."

"We have tried hypnotism, biofeedback, behavior therapy, counseling, and medication. All they did was made her angry and physically ill.

"My daughter is one of the most wonderful things that God ever blessed me with in this life. Yet my blessing breaks my heart on a daily basis. Why? Because she pulls her hair out and everything I have done to help her gain control of this terrible compulsion has failed.

"So now we do nothing but wait. What do I wait for? I wait for her to decide that she wants help in controlling this problem. I wait for her to say she will do anything to bring this problem under her control. I wait for someone to tell me there is an answer and a reason for this problem. I know that my wanting her to have control of this problem means nothing unless she wants it too. She says I just don’t understand that she can’t stop. I guess she is right."

--Sandra, mom of 12-year old hair-pulling daughter


"My parents never understand and really want to help but I still feel the burn of their judgmental glances."

"I'm a senior in high school and just getting ready to apply to college. I've been living with Trich since I was extremely young, only up until recently I didn't know what it was called or what it was. I thought I was the only one who was just a demented and weird kid with a horrible problem. I called it my "habit" and dreaded sleepovers and any time when my makeup would come off to reveal my horrible missing hairs. Every morning I run to my bathroom with my hair in front of my face. I have hard time looking into people’s eyes and trusting them. I've been in therapy for years but nothing really ever helps."

-- Jennifer, 17-year old hair puller


I stopped looking for outside answers and discovered the key to ending my hair pulling a few months later.

On May 8, 1994, I Found My Freedom …

May 8, 1994 was the day I finally learned how to stop pulling my hair out. I was 39 years old and had been hair pulling from the age of 12. Since that amazing day, I haven't pulled once, and have easily managed any urge that has arisen. I’ve spent these last thirteen years researching, writing and teaching others how permanent self-healing works.

Since that May, NOT pulling has been effortless, and my life has improved in so many fantastic ways. These changes came, not simply from stopping the hair pulling, but because of how I did it.

Back then, my young daughter also struggled with a different, but even more frightening, compulsive behavior. I was at my wits’ end to help her but everything I tried just seemed to make the situation worse.

This went on until a year after healing my hair pulling, when, by applying what I had learned from my own experience, I was able to help my daughter fully end her own compulsive behavior. (You can read all about this in Chapter 5: Real Stories, beginning on page 125.)

I know all sides of your situation. I know what it's like to be the hair puller and what it's like to be the parent of a child sunk deeply into a compulsion. I know the agony of it all.

I Know How You Ache to Help Your Child.
I Can Show You Exactly How You Can.

For the thirteen years since ending my own pulling, I've watched how trichotillomania is reported within the community, by sufferers, parents, and medical authorities. The picture is bleak.

It’s obvious that people do care and want to help. But they simply lack the knowledge to do so. They believe that hair pullers are victims of an illness who must wait for modern science to save them.

The available support groups also lack the crucial information that hair pullers need in order to get free. The same stories of pain and struggle are told over and over again for years on end. This is terribly demoralizing for you and your child! Aren't you tired of it?

Throughout these same years, the drug companies have pressured us to view everything as illness. Just watch 10 minutes of TV and be battered by drug commercials. Everything has become a "disease" and everything needs a "drug" to cure it. It seems there's nothing we can do to help ourselves.

Hearing that it's not your fault and there's nothing you can do about your child’s hair pulling may initially have been a great relief. You were able to let go of your fears and guilt. Yet over time, even that has lost some of its meaning.

You’re watching the bald spots, eyebrows or eyelashes come and go. You see your child struggle and suffer. There are so many highs - maybe this time she's got it under control for good! And lows - oh my God, she's got 3 new bald patches this morning. You've been waiting for medical science to come up with a "cure" for your baby for too long now.

Wouldn't you rather have a new conversation about hope and healing rather than illness and despair?

Parents, I want to show YOU how to help your child, starting today!

The only way I can do that is to tell you my truth. I learned this through an intense journey of facing my own deep reality about what caused me to pull for 27 years and by helping other hair pullers face theirs.

Are you ready to find some real answers and an effective solution? Are you finally ready to face facts? The answer truly is in your own back yard.

This Is The Only Information
On Trichotillomania in Children and Teens
That Can Answer Your Questions and Provide Real Help

Because of my personal experience, I use a different model for understanding and ending trichotillomania than doctors, psychologists or hypnotherapists.

Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? will give you the inside knowledge you need to help end your child's compulsion and rebuild her self esteem.

My materials have been successfully used for over 12 years, and healed hundreds of people suffering from trichotillomania. And in "Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? The Inside Truth About Trichotillomania in Children and Teens," I share with you the self-healing information that I've found that works (and I'll give you tips on what doesn't!).

I read recently that up to 10 percent of all children will try hair pulling at some point during their childhood. In some kids, for a certain reason that I fully explain on page 100, hair pulling "sticks" and they are hooked. Just like I was.

But it doesn't have to stay that way. You can jump-start your child’s healing process today.

  • Your child probably doesn't pull due to a hereditary illness.
  • Your child isn't sick, crazy, weird, abnormal or deviant for pulling her hair (unless she’s also got some other problem going on).
  • YOU have the power to help change your child's patterns, and help her release her desire for hair pulling. And I'll show you how in "Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? The Inside Truth About Trichotillomania in Children and Teens."

Order Immediately and Help Your Child Stop Pulling For Good.

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Here's What You'll Learn...

This in-depth, authoritative, life-saving guide on compulsive hair pulling is an invaluable repository of the truth about hair pulling that you could never learn from any other source. It is also more comprehensive and direct than anything else you will find on trichotillomania.

It contains valuable insights, concrete examples and real stories from families just like yours. This remarkable resource provides you with the information to help you to instantantly start your child on the path to recovery. I'll share with you over 273 pages of crucial information that can help you:

  • Discover the REAL reason your child pulls, and why the urge comes and goes (page 69).
  • Recognize your child's cry for help, and learn strategies that will truly make a difference in her life (begins on page 196).
  • Identify the REAL problem in your child's life (page 99).
  • Learn how your child views relationships, and give your child the safety net she's been searching for (page 59).
  • Understand why you're asking the wrong question when you say, "How can I get my child to stop hair pulling?"
  • Recognize your child's thought process, and how you may have been misdirecting her (page 67).
  • Evaluate the sibling relationships within your home, and learn the impact they may be having on your child (page 68).
  • Discover what to ask for when you choose to visit a counselor (and make sure she REALLY will have the answers you're looking for) (page 183).
  • Better respond to questions from relatives, school officials and cosmeticians that can help you while your child heals (pages 192-194).
  • Plus a whole lot more!

I've divided this information into 12 easy to read sections. I provide you with a wealth of information that will directly apply to your family. I provide you with real stories so you can see how other families are living with trich, and what they are doing to heal. I provide you with questions to ponder and activities to do on your own. I even provide you with templates of letters to easily deal with coaches, school officials and hairdressers.

I guide you every step of the way.

In this valuable resource, you'll find information to help you no matter what your questions might be. Here’s my Table of Contents:

Forward: Dr. Mary Zesiewicz, a leading holistic psychiatrist
Introduction: A Letter From Abby Leora Rohrer
Chapter 1: A Peek Into Your Child's Future
Chapter 2: The Discovery Process
Chapter 3: Through the Eyes of a Child
Chapter 4: Your Child's Reality
Chapter 5: The Hair Pulling Environment
Chapter 6: The Nuts & Bolts of Hair Pulling
Chapter 7: Cracking the Hair Pulling Code
Chapter 8: The Effects of Anger and Control
Chapter 9: Real Stories
Chapter 10: Facing the Evidence
Chapter 11: How Can I Best Help My Child?
Chapter 12: Parents, Take Action!
Chapter 13: When You Get Stuck
Chapter 14: Health, Social & Cosmetic Concerns

I guarantee you'll find the answers you've been searching for. I've been there. I've pulled for 27 years. I've taught thousands and helped them find solutions to end their own pain and suffering.

Now I hope to help you and your child.

Listen To What Other Parents
Are Saying About My Guide

"It was your book that gave me the direction I needed. 
I'm happy to report my son doesn't pull his hair [anymore]."

"My son had pulled a clump of hair from his head and pulled for about 2 months.  I believe you can imagine the despair I felt.  I cried for weeks when I first saw him do this.  I had unimaginable pain.  I tear up just telling you this.  It was your book that gave me the direction I needed:  Working on myself WAS helping my son.  I also helped him to fully mourn whatever he needed to.  I'm happy to report that he doesn't pull his hair [anymore]."

--Julie, a mom from Colorado

"I used your information to change my parenting approach and drastically
reduced my daughter's hairpulling!"

"Reading your materials helped me change my attitude toward my daughter and her hairpulling problem. I thought she would be motivated to stop doing something that gave her bad feelings but your guide explained to me that the guilt and bad feelings merely fanned the flames."

--Brenda, a mom from New York

"WOW!! I just finished the guide!"

"I wished I had this years ago so I could help them but at least I have it now. Thank you sooooo much!! If other parents can read it with an open mind and be willing to look within, we may all live happily ever after!!"

--Carolyn, a mom from England

"Your guide for child hair-pullers is a very powerful one!"

"More than that, it is relevant. Grown-ups always seem to have much more important things on their minds than silly little child-like worries. Over a pattern of years, this creates a good deal of suppression and guilt too; your guide acknowledges that one is being given permission to feel again and that those feelings have as much relevance as anyone else's, for that matter."

--Fiona, adult hairpuller and mom of hairpuller

"I am halfway through your guide and am seeing so many
connections with my daughter!"

"I know it isn't meant for young kids but I can find many ways to use it. I am seeing so many things we need to change about how we relate. Thank you so much for being out there!"

--Jane, a mom from Missouri

"Thank you so much for sharing what you have discovered.
You are a blessing."

"I find it interesting that your biggest motivator to rid yourself of trich was your daughter and for me, saving my daughter is proving to be not only my motivator to heal myself but has put tools in my hands I likely never would have found."

--a mom from Florida

"I feel informed, hopeful and enlightened
now that I have read your guide!"

"I understand my son’s thought process so much better! Your guide helped me to see things which may contribute to my son’s hair pulling and gives me real hope for helping him. I now know we can do something positive to make a real difference as a family to help. I now understand how to look at our family dynamics with a critical eye to see how we can improve how we cope with stress. While we are a fairly normal family, there are definitely things that we can handle better."

--Joan, A Mom from Denver

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Are You Ready To Help Your Child?
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I’ve just completed writing, "Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? The Inside Truth About Trichotillomania in Children and Teens." While I've been helping adult hair pullers with my Pull Free, At Last! System for years, I knew a special In-Depth guide was needed for parents of hair pulling children and teens.

As an ex-hair puller and someone who is in contact with thousands of other hair pullers and parents, I have first-hand knowledge that is totally unique. This is a complete explanation of what your child is living with on a minute by minute basis and the most effective tools to help her take a huge step toward freedom.

Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? provides the specific information and strategies that you need to end your child's pulling.

Instead of dragging your child to endless psychiatric or behavior therapy sessions, trying special diets, Hair Puller's Anonymous programs or numerous medications, why not tap into the amazing truths that this material provides? In just a few short hours of reading, you will have the powerful knowledge and practical tools to help your child find freedom. Nowhere else will you find these answers!

But you must take the next step. Now.

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Good question. $47 is just a fraction of the cost of a SINGLE visit to any doctor, psychiatrist, counselor or any other practitioner. But, this guide tells the REAL inside story behind trichotillomania which is far beyond the scope of what anyone else can provide. In fact, you could attend endless visits and still not find the answers and tools that my guide instantly provides.

The amazing value that I provide to you in Why Won’t My Child Stop Hair Pulling? is undeniable.

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I'm so sure my ideas will dramatically change your child’s life for the better, that I'm willing to offer you a no-risk chance to take a look at my information.

Read the Guide cover to cover. Give the action steps a try. Even if you choose not to use the techniques right away, these ideas will forever change your mind and your child’s life about compulsive hair pulling. And if, within 90 days, you feel the information and tools in the Guide aren’t helpful to you and your child, simply request a refund, and return your Guide in like-new condition, and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

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I can help you to help your child. But you’ve got to take the first step.

If you don’t act right now, where will your child be next week? Hair pulling can turn into an extremely serious chronic addiction. Please don’t risk your child’s precious future by waiting a moment longer to get REAL and effective help!

I look forward to hearing from you today.


Former Hair Puller, Trichotillomania Educational Consultant

P.S. Will the insights in "Why Won't My Child Stop Hair Pulling? The Inside Truth About Trichotillomania in Children and Teens" work for your child’s situation?

I don’t know. That’s truly up to you and your child.

What I can tell you is that this information has opened the eyes of other parents and compulsion sufferers and helped to free themselves and their loved ones from their hair pulling own painful disorders. I get phone calls and emails daily telling me how my material has changed lives beyond their highest dreams.

These parents had a strong desire to find something authentic that could offer real help to their families.

Let’s say you don’t buy this information.

Will you be able to end your child's trichotillomania for good using your current strategy?

Probably not.

Will you be blaming yourself if you don’t try everything possible to free your child from the pain and shame of hair pulling?


I can’t make the decision for you. It’s 100% up to you.

I can help, but you’ve got to take the first step.

Order Immediately and Help Your Child Stop Pulling For Good.

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Listen To What Adults Hair Pullers Have to Say…

"How can I thank you for setting me free?!"

--Lilla, Canada

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"I know I speak for all adult hair pullers worldwide. Thank you for having the courage and conviction to tell our stories."

--Amy, Massachusetts

"Thank you for writing this guide!"

"It has been the most important guide that I've read in years. It has helped me to beat something that I thought was going to burden me for life!"

--S.K., Florida

"To read your words and see that everything you said was exactly everything I've felt, was amazing to me."

--Michelle, Maryland

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